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Chrysanthema in Lahr - An autumnal event unique in Germany

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Sonnenplatz with chrysanthemums

From 22th October to 13th November 2016
In autumn, well beyond borders, we associate the city of Lahr with the chrysanthemums that flood with colour the idyllic city situated at the edge of the Black Forest.
This year, visitors will be able to participate in a major colour and music festival. Take part in an unforgettable guided tour of the city to discover the historic centre and its thousands of chrysanthemum arrangements that make the most of autumnal colours. Each year, over 300.000 visitors are absorbed in a bright yellow, blazing purple and intense orange floral show.
An itinerary through the city centre allows visitors to discover the chrysanthemums displayed in fascinating arrangements, on artistic flowered cars and in the form of original and rich cascades decorating house facades. A varied cultural and musical programme is on offer from Wednesday to Sunday on the Marktplatz, with well-known groups and unique performances.
The major Chrysanthema opening event will take place on Saturday, 22th October 2016.

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